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WhatsApp has updates for you. The messaging app is constantly trying to bring updates that make it easier for the public to know more and more about how to make messaging secure and safe. However, they also have other updates for you.

Soon you might be able to view past participants in a WhatsApp group. The Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp has been working on a new “See Past Participants” feature that would show users the former group participants. WABetaInfo reports that the “See Past Participants” feature is being rolled out to users with the WhatsApp beta for iOS via TestFlight. The feature allows one to view past participants who have left the group earlier. Users can see the participants who were removed or left the group in the last 60 days.

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Do you want to verify if you are one of those lucky beta testers? Just check if the option called “past participants” is visible at the end of the list of group participants, within group info. If this option is visible, you can finally view a list of old participants who left or were removed in the last 60 days. As we explained in the previous article, this section is visible to all members of the group, so it is not limited to group admins. In addition, when someone leaves the group, this event is no longer highlighted within the chat (but group admins can still see it due to moderation reasons). The ability to view past group participants is available to some beta testers for now, and more activations will be following over the coming weeks.

According to the report, WhatsApp will also stop notifying group members when a member leaves. With the current stable version of the application, all users in a WhatsApp group chat will be able to see who left the group. The WhatsApp Group’s new feature will still show the past participants but only the group admins will be notified in the chat for safety reasons. This will be a welcome change for people who want to quit a certain WhatsApp group but don’t want to notify the entire list, wrote BGR.