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YouTube is rolling out an update for all its content creators in the ‘Studio Editor Trim‘ feature, which will make it easier for the users to cut smaller segments from their longer video uploads and helps in getting shorter clips for the YouTube shorts section.

YouTube creator insider channel has also updated the presentation of the Cut process, and the edges of the trim video and the cut feature would now be displayed in alternate colors, making it easier to portray by anyone.

While this updated feature of getting the ‘Editing UI’ is also growing wider, giving the user more capacity to refine more specific sections and elements on YouTube.

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As you can see in the image given below, YouTube is also working towards adding a new feature called – the ‘New Cut’ section which will enable users to get more fine-grain time editing while making its editing features easier when found in the YouTube Studio app.

This could be a crucially important update, giving the rise required for short-form video, both in the app and website more broadly.

Updated Editing UI on YouTube

YouTube also states that more than a billion users now engage with Shorts clips every month, and this provides more capacity to creators giving them the option to tap into smaller cuts and encourage their participation by expanding the reach within the app.

Community Posts is also currently getting updated for all YouTube channels with over 500 subscribers count. This could help in providing a more strategic planning points for all the user’s efforts to stay in touch with their audience.

Updated Editing UI on YouTube

As you can see in the image given above, YouTube has also launched an updated video copyright details page, which helps in providing a full overview of claims and other actions impacting the user’s videos for a better reach.