Life’s just easier when they’re around, right? It makes much more sense to do stupid things with them than doing it all by yourself, right? And the best part is they would agree to do all nonsense together, without a doubt, and will have your back no matter what. It is their day today- Friendship Day!

A day to commemorate friends, Friendship Day is celebrated around the world every year on the first Sunday of August. People usually enjoy spending the day with their friends, gifting each other cards and wristbands to mark their association, going out for a friendly date, watching a movie, etc.

While there’s everyone celebrating the day just how they like it, there are creators in the world of social media, who have found best of friends over the platforms while working together and its a treat to have them together.

Here are the five friendship duos whose reels trend because of the fun they deliver to the audience when they are together!

Ahsaas Channa and Revathi Pillai

This friendship duo started working together on screen and have found themselves a piece of peace and fun with each other. They create videos together and it is definitely fun to see them on loop.

Ankush Bahuguna and Shibani Bedi

Oh well. Talk about ‘laughter’ and Ankush and Shibani are just a synonym for the word because of their content. They’re both individually so fun to watch and when they come together it is a treat. They do a series of parents’ reactions to situations and that’s hilarious.

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Komal Pandey and Dolly Singh

Their friendship has been almost a decade long now and the growth of both creators has been phenomenal. In a competitive world, these girls have made sure to be there for each other, come what may. We hope to see more and more content from them in the coming time. *evil eye emoji*

Ranveer Allahbadia and Viraj Sheth

What’s better than finding a best friend in your business partner or vice versa? Sounds perfect, right?
So that’s what this friendship duo is. GOALS!

Aastha Shah and Tarini Shah

Aastha Shah and Tarini Shah: A dance collab, fun reel trend, or dressing up together. They just do it and it is fun to see these girls do it all together.

Here’s to hoping that we hold our friends close, and have the best, fun, embarrassing and memorable moments with them our whole life.