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Voronina Valeria is everything an influencer should be: creative, unique, and innovative!

She started her never-ending journey on social media as a content creator, which later helped her leading her way towards becoming an amazing singer and achieving the tag of one of the most recognizable names in the world of beauty.

Voronina’s profile has turned out to be a go-to for everyone looking for a quick glimpse into the makeup world. A girl that displays self-respect and class along with her mesmerizing beauty and her cheerful personality.

Whether she is walking us through everyday makeup techniques, glittery glam applications, or out-of-this-world makeup transitions you can rely on this self-taught makeup artist to experiment with her looks.

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We all know that the social media platform is constantly being spruced up by beauty content creators, but Voronina makes sure to leave behind a bookmark-worthy trail of unconventional makeup looks, beauty hacks, and product reviews.

Voronina focuses on her music and carves a musical niche on her YouTube channel – VORONINA VALERIA.

Bringing more of Voronina Valeria’s fun out-of-the-box content:

Make-up transformation!

Unholy acoustic cover!

Mother-Daughter duo!!

Euphoria Makeup!

Voronina hair tutorial!

If you’re as astonished as I am and want to try your hand at being creative then don’t forget to follow Voronina Valeria and show all your love and support for her.