According to Pinterest Newsroom, the updated Pinterest Trends have some new trend shortcuts that have been added to the home page, making it simpler to locate important information on the newest trends occurring in the app.

The addition to launching a new API for conversions that will give retailers more Pin shopping data, Pinterest has announced an update to its Pinterest Trends tool that will give marketers more insight into the most recent changes and opportunities.

The new Pinterest Trends UI, which you can see in the image given below, will give users more immediate access to data reports and notes, which could influence how to make strategic decisions.

Pinterest provides Updated Conversions API

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According to the blog,

People on Pinterest seek inspiration with intent – from searching for the latest trends to clicking on an ad for their next purchase, they have an expectation to find what they’re looking to buy and have an open mind to discover more. Today, we’re announcing new tools for advertisers that support an even more cohesive journey from the start of the campaign lifecycle until post-campaign reporting.

Users will now be able to access:

  • Trends your audience loves – This widget on the homepage of Pinterest Trends allows advertisers to see what’s been trending with their engaged users and followers over the last 90 days. 
  • Trends by demographics – Pinterest Trends also enables advertisers to filter by age, topic, time, and place
  • Seasonal trends – New seasonal trend info will help advertisers better align content and marketing calendars to when Pinners are most engaged with different topics

It’s a useful insights tool, and if a user is committed to using Pinterest for business to the fullest, Pinterest Trends will be a valuable addition to your research strategy. It may even help users find brand-new ways to engage with their target audiences within the app.