• Twitter rebranding now moves to App store and Play store successfully
  • ‘X’ is the only app on App store to have a single letter
  • Residents is San Francisco complain about the new logo
  • Twitter takes down X logo after authorities intervene

In a significant move to revamp its image and user experience, Twitter has rolled out updated versions of its app for both Android and iOS users this week. The latest version showcases a fresh visual identity, featuring the new ‘X’ logo, and in certain instances, a new name. While Twitter made a way to cement its position on App stores as X, the logo on Twitter’s Headquarters faced serious action. During this entire rebranding process, Twitter has been able to succeed in a few and fail in a few steps while establishing itself as ‘X’

Twitter Rebranding itself


A 360-degree rebranding 

The motivation behind this rebranding effort is to evolve Twitter’s identity and provide users with a revamped experience. Both Google Play and Apple’s App Store received the updated Twitter app, enabling users on both platforms to access the latest features and improvements.

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Notably, the Google Play store page for the Android app now displays the name ‘X’ instead of the traditional ‘Twitter.’ This shift in branding signifies Twitter’s intention to embrace the new name and distance itself from the conventional Twitter branding on its app. The ‘X’ logo represents the updated visual identity that Twitter seeks to adopt as part of its rebranding strategy.

App aided Twitter rebranding process


However, on the Apple App Store, things initially looked slightly different. While the new ‘X’ logo was present, the app still bore the name ‘Twitter.’ This was due to one of Apple’s strict requirements, which disallows apps from being named with a single letter. As a result, the app’s name on the App Store remained ‘Twitter.’

After a brief period of consideration, Apple finally approved the new Twitter name as ‘X’ on the App Store, making it the first app to have a single-letter name on the platform. This decision comes as a testament to Twitter’s determination to establish a fresh and distinctive identity.

While the app’s rebranding journey faced challenges in the App Store, it is not the first time Twitter’s new name has encountered obstacles. For instance, the website “X.com” faced blockades in regions like Indonesia, as it was initially mistaken for an adult content website. Nevertheless, the app and its website are now fully operational in Indonesia and available on the Apple App Store.

‘The X Logo Controversy’

Twitter’s decision to swiftly remove its contentious X logo from its San Francisco headquarters highlights the significance of adhering to regulations and considering public safety. This incident serves as a valuable lesson for companies going through rebranding processes, underscoring the importance of careful planning and compliance to avoid potential setbacks.

Twitter is successful in rebranding to X on App store

In an unexpected turn of events, Twitter has chosen to take down a large, vibrant X logo from its San Francisco headquarters. The controversial sign drew criticism from nearby residents, as reported by CNBC and ABC7 News. Concerns were raised regarding the sign’s appearance and safety, particularly as it was hastily installed and partly supported by sandbags.

The situation escalated further when city authorities became involved. Twitter’s reluctance to comply with inspection requests for the roof area where the X logo was mounted led to suspicions. The company insisted that the sign was merely a “temporary lighted sign for an event” and declined the inspectors’ attempts to access the location.

The introduction of the new Twitter ‘X’ app marks an exciting chapter for the social media giant, as it aims to offer its users an improved and innovative experience. With the reimagined visual identity and branding, Twitter continues to evolve and adapt to the changing demands of its global user base. Users on both Android and iOS can now embrace the latest features and enhancements, making their Twitter experience even more enjoyable and engaging than before. As the ‘X’ app gains momentum and establishes its unique presence, Twitter sets a new standard for rebranding in the tech industry, fostering anticipation for what lies ahead in its journey of evolution and progress.