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A new “Views” count on some users’ tweets that shows how many times each of your tweets has been seen in the app has been made public by Twitter today.

As you can see in the tweet given below, some users are now also seeing a “Views” listing alongside “Retweets” and “Likes” in the expanded tweet activity display.

The main tweet stream’s eye icon also serves as a count indicator.

The confidence should glide as a result of knowing that people are actually reading your tweets instead of assuming that they are but aren’t responding to them.

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Since a user can already view their tweet impression count in the whole tweet analytics display, the feature technically doesn’t add anything new (accessible via the graph icon on your tweets).

Although “Views” and “Impressions” are obviously not the same thing, Twitter has confirmed that this is the information people view.

I would guess that this is part of Twitter’s ongoing effort to show that it is more well-liked and influential than its usage statistics might indicate.

tweet view count display
Image Credit Social Media Today

What Twitter really needs to know right now, I suppose, is whether making this information more easily accessible then decreases people’s propensity to tweet.

Because your other engagement stats are low, you might feel like you’re not very good at tweeting if you notice that a lot more people are viewing your tweets than you had anticipated. As a result, you might share fewer tweets.

Twitter will undoubtedly switch it back if that occurs, but as was already mentioned, it might also provide users with more context regarding the app’s true reach potential.

Twitter has confirmed that a select group of users is currently testing the new view count display.