Bangalore-based creator Rida Tharana makes motivational, funny, and lifestyle content. On Instagram, she has 303K followers, and 2.39K subscribers on YouTube. She’s an empowering woman and always tries to encourage others. Apart from being a video creator, she’s also an emcee. You may know her as “Didi who shows off her iPhone.”

Let’s take a look at Rida Tharana’s top 12 inspiring content in 2021:

  1. Treating People, the Same Way They Treat You
  1. Educating a Girl for Herself
  1. Forgive but Never Forget
  1. You Define Your Worth
  1. Being Confident
  1. Skin Colour Doesn’t Matter
  1. Loving Yourself
  1. Standing Up for Yourself
  1. It’s Just Henna
  1. You’re Perfect the Way You’re
  1. It’s Okay to Have Different Choices
  1. Don’t Let Your Kindness Be Your Weakness

Rida’s comebacks and sass are definitely on point. Way to go girl! Her videos are inspiring so many people out there, and that’s why she’s deserving of all the love netizens are pouring on her. With her confident and determined personality, she’s making a great contribution by changing people’s thoughts. It’s time to broaden the horizons of all narrow-minded people, and she’s doing it wonderfully!