Post mid half of 2020, Live Streams have significantly taken over the YouTube culture. The feature has been a long part of the creator space but somehow it was stereotyped to gamers only. Fortunately the walls of stereotypes have been broken and today, we find live streams on subjects pertaining to all walks of life.


Live Streams give the audience a deeper insight about the real nature of their favourite creator. They get to know them more and from a creator’s perspective it helps them to engage with their audience on a more personal level. Today we bring to you a few live sessions that will make you fall in love with the candid nature of our favorite creators.

Mahacool Baatein with Nishant Tanwar

Nishant Tanwar, a stand-up comedian, popularly known as Rider OP started this venture on his YouTube Channel: Nishant Tanwar in 2020. The live stream features well known faces across YouTube, Instagram and the comic industry. The entire stream is a candid conversation between Nishant and the guest covering the former’s journey through all walks of life. So far Mahacool Baatein has featured Tanmay Bhat, Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast), Anubhav Singh Bassi, Yashraj Mukhate and even more!
The session primarily goes on for an hour and ends with a fun Tez-Aag segment (because rapid fire is too mainstream). If you haven’t watched the session then watch it now!

Random Live (Kumar Varun and Rahul Subramanian)

Kumar Varun (KV) and Rahul Subramanian are a comic duo who jointly run the YouTube Channel Random Chikibum. They often host live sessions on various topics where they invite celebrity guests and even their fellow comic friends. Just like the name the topics of discussion are random too, sometimes it can be specifically about a person eg. Dhoni and sometimes as random as something like “Air” (as if the topic did come out of thin air). We know best things happen unplanned and we are glad Random Live followed the same principle.

Wake Up with Sorabh (Sorabh Pant)

Sorabh Pant who belongs to the same comic family as the above three people has made live streams as a part of his early morning regime. A fresh candid chat which features celebrity guests, comics and people across all fields. The stream covers topics of everybody’s interest cricket, football, Delhi (coz Dilli se hoon b@#****). Wake Up with Sorabh is the show to tune into with your tea/coffee and snacks.