Viraj Ghelani is a popular face across digital platforms who is well known for his comic content. During his initial days Viraj made videos on Snapchat and then soon became a part of FilterCopy where he started featuring in their videos and within no time became crowd favourite. After taking the world of YouTube, he is  now conquering Instagram with his hilarious reels and reelatable (pun intended) content. His nani (maternal grandmother) has become a crowd favourite too. Viraj also has his own YouTube channel That’s So Viraj which is famous for typical Viraj Ghelani content. In the spirit of Viraj and his comedic content, let’s have a look at The Ultimate Guide To The Best of THAT’S SO VIRAJ. Our top picks:

Types of Autowalas In Mumbai | Viraj Ghelani

​What makes Mumbai iconic besides its scenic beauty are Autowalas. Getting rejected by an autowala perhaps causes more pain than getting rejected by your crush. Watch Viraj’s hilariously relatable take on the types of autowalas that exist in Mumbai.

If Grandparents Were Influencers | Viraj Ghelani​

​No doubt Viraj is cool, but we just cannot deny that his nani is cooler! In this sketch watch what happens when Nani adorns the characteristics of an influencer and teaches us everything right from unboxing to product reviews. Before you watch it “JSK fam!”

When You Are Born In A Middle Class Family | Viraj Ghelani​

The tales of middle class families have stayed with us for centuries and no matter wherever we go we display the same hilarious traits. Be it stocking up oregano packets or bringing home soaps and shampoos after a hotel stay. It simply unites us. In this video watch Viraj spilling facts on what it is like to be born and brought up in a middle class family.

Types Of Watchmen | Viraj Ghelani​

​Watchmen are the heart and soul of a society. Some are super strict while some just doze off. Watch this video and relive the most relatable watchmen moments!

Honest Review of My Best Friend’s Wedding | Viraj Ghelani​

​Weddings are fun and if it is your best friend’s wedding then the scenes are crazy! What makes friends best friends is leg pulling. Watch this video and see Viraj’s hilarious review on his best friend’s wedding, with some help from Dhruv Sehgal.