Laughter is the best medicine and when it comes to that, Karan Sonawane aka @focusedindian is one of the best people on the internet to make you laugh. Karan is a popular face across the digital content platforms. He runs his own YouTube channel called Focused Indian where he puts up content pertaining to his personal life. He has also starred in videos of other YouTube channels too, That’s So Viraj, FilterCopy, RVCJ Media to name a few. Recently he was also a part of the Ashish Chanchlani video OTP The Lottery. Apart from YouTube, Karan Sonawane is also an active content creator on Instagram and his content is bound to tickle your funny bone. Let’s have a look at the best of Karan Sonawane’s (@focusedindian) reels which are bound to make you roll on the floor and laugh!

That ‘Nakhrela’ Friend

We all have a friend who always does a little ‘extra’ for no reason at all and above that it is completely useless. 

That Voice Note Addict 

Voice notes are convenient but too much of voice notes can be annoying. Watch Karan’s hilarious take on getting back at a friend who is a voice note addict. 

The Perfect Love Story

Road safety is important, so is wearing a mask. Above all, riding triple seat on a two wheeler is against the traffic rules. Watch what happens when Mumbai police meet people not following even a single rule, the perfect love story indeed! 

People During A Road Fight 

We all have seen somebody do this. Haven’t we? 

That ‘Bakra’ In Every Group 

We all have a friend who falls for all the traps becoming the ultimate ‘bakra’. Watch history being repeated in this hilariously relatable reel.