Pursuit of Wonder is a YouTube channel, making content that makes everyone curious, inspired, and feel good. Wonder is the feeling of curiosity and/or appreciation inspired by something that is beautiful or unfamiliar.  At Pursuit of Wonder, content is produced with the goal of creating that feeling. While we are on the subject of creating wonders. Let’s have a look at the best videos of Pursuit of Wonder. Our top picks.

Paradoxes That No One Can Solve

Paradoxes can be challenging and complicated. Learn about some paradoxes in this video which apparently no one has ever solved. 

The Nova Effect – The Tragedy of Good Luck

We all crave for good luck but we never knew that there is tragedy in good luck. Watch the video below to know more about it. 

Stoicism & The Art of Not Caring

Turns out that the attitude of “I don’t care” is an art. Stoicism too is a really interesting philosophy in existence till date. Watch the video below and be intrigued. 

A Reason To Stop Worrying

To worry is natural but this video here shows you why one should stop worrying and even presents a deeper insight into reality. 

Who Is The Doomer?

Explore the channel’s take on the “doomer” generation and some potential means of overcoming the pessimism found within it. 

How To Waste Your Life & Never Be Happy

It all eventually gets better and this video here is an eye-opener about a man’s search for happiness, only to realise that many times one doesn’t need to look so hard for something.

This Is How Terribly Short Your Life Is

Considering the fact that we have missed more than what we have witnessed. It is good to gracefully accept that we do have a short life. 

The Last Thought You’ll Ever Have

A short fiction story about a woman’s journey through thoughts.

The Tragedy of Being Too Early – The Timeline Effect

A short fictional story about a man missing it by one try, depicted in a beautiful way. 

Every Person Is One Choice Away From Everything Changing

Choices have consequences and every choice we make opens a route to someplace else. Watch the video below to learn how one choice can change everything. 

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