YouTube is officially making its entry into the audio genre by introducing “The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy” which is YouTube’s first ever podcast.

The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy
Source: YouTube

Previously we covered “How Youtube Helps The Creative Economy Thrive” which covered YouTube’s behind the scenes efforts to help this new creative economy thrive (click here to know more). YouTube has enabled its creators to tell their stories through videos that cover pretty much every topic under the sun, “from turning your sewing passion into a million dollar business to showcasing life on the family farm to becoming the oldest rookie in NFL history.” Now, YouTube is all set to introduce its first ever podcast to the world.

“We wanted to showcase the magic of the creator economy in an entirely new way, by taking people behind the scenes to learn what goes into the businesses of the creators whose videos they watch every day. And there was no better partner for us to turn to than National Public Media. The production team at NPM has decades of experience in audio formats, and our collaboration brings the best of audio to provide a unique look at video.” says YouTube on their blog.

To create their first podcast, YouTube collaborated with National Public Media and this will be the first custom podcast series from the NPM Creative. The show is hosted by Brittany Luse, an award-winning journalist, cultural critic, and co-host of the For Colored Nerds podcast. 

“Throughout the series, Brittany will introduce listeners to creators with channels of all sizes who are building dynamic and thriving businesses. The first episode features Lilly Singh, who shares what she’s learned over the past 10 years from her front-row seat to the creator economy boom. A decade ago, creators were just considered “hobbyists.” Now, they’re next-generation media companies in their own right.” says YouTube.

The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy will release new episodes every Wednesday, starting from September 22nd. The podcast can be listened to from wherever you get your podcasts.