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Instagram’s @Creators shared photographer Alex Stemplewski’s Reel in which he provided three useful tips for content creators who are just starting with brand deals. As per Instagram’s @Creators, “Branded content is one of the best (and most creative!) ways to earn money on Instagram.” Thus, for any paid opportunity to knock on your door, straightway apply these tips.

Check out the post here:

For better understanding, let me highlight Alex’s three tips for branded content:

  1. Really, really important that you make sure that the branded content is in line with the content that you typically create. I cannot stress this enough. You want it to feel organic, and you don’t want it to feel forceful, or just wildly different from who you are and the content that you create.”
  2. “Do not sell yourself short. You want to make sure that you’re being compensated accurately for the amount of engagement and the amount of followers that you have.”
  3. “Last but not the least, here’s a tricky one that helped me. It’s a very good idea to take a look at your content and ask question: What type of content will make me more attractive to brands and get me more brand deals?”
Branded Content
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So, these were the three tips that Alex clearly explained for creating any branded content. Hope y’all understood them well and are already planning to restructure your content game!