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The dance content creators Talia Scott and Roger Scott worldwide have joined the digital platform to share their passion and serve as a daily dose of entertainment and uplift everyone’s energy. 

This couple loves to goof around, Talia and Roger bring a mixture of two types of content: dance and entertainment. There is a fine line between funny and relatable videos and funny dance videos, and the creators know it so damn well and that is why they are doing so well! 

Their enormous fanbase is clearly nuts about this novel dancing style and I am sure you will love them too. The couple is all about sharing their dances with good vibes and enjoying themselves. The couple is stealing people’s hearts with the humor, swag, and urban hip-hop dance moves.

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The inspiring couple who probably eat beats for breakfast and feast on bewildered love for hip-hop are well known for their unbreakable bond.

Talia and Roger are a real mood for all dance lovers. A dancer known for his unique dancing style is a sensation on YouTube – The Scott Family. The duo with 600k plus subscribers on YouTube is the zeal to make everyone dance. Their channel is a one-stop destination where they upload vlogs, pranks, and some short videos. The couples prove to be among those few who found their way directly to the hearts of spectators.

Talia Scott is an American social media celebrity, singer, and YouTuber who is known for her popular YouTube channel – Talia Scott, where you’d find her posting trending cover songs and music videos she performs and composed herself. Being one of the most cherished internet sensations, she definitely enjoys a dedicated fanbase

Talia Scott has done many impressive covers of popular songs, including:

More content from Talia and Roger Scott :

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the adorable couples grooving to trending songs and taking fun dance challenges and have a great time as you scroll.