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According to Snapchat’s Official Blog, Snapchat has finally decided to launch a new accelerator program for Black creators, which will see Snap provide ongoing financial support, training, and more to 25 emerging stars over the next year. It’s a first accelerator program mainly focused on supporting undiscovered Black talent on their journey to make content creation a full-time career.

As outlined in the video, selected creators will receive $10k in funding per month for 12 months through the program, along with early access to Snap features, a new Google Pixel phone, and other support measures.

The creators will be selected based on their unique voices, alignment with Snap’s values, and vision for their career without giving preference to follower numbers or previous brand partnership experience. These creators will also have the opportunity to leverage Snapchat’s content offerings like Stories, Spotlight, and Maps and attend educational webinars and SnapSchool.

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It’s an important push from Snap, which will not only help to support these emerging creators but will also help Snap enhance bonds within these communities, which could have long-term benefits for the growth and adoption of the app.

And as Snapchat advances towards the metaverse, and rising adoption of AR and VR tools, platforms like Snapchat can offer a way into these newer experiences. The more representation in this respect, the better, which is why this is such an essential program in the broader scheme of Snap’s development.

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Black creators face unique systemic barriers across the creator industry. Snapchat believes one of the ways we can help remove some of those barriers is to provide mentorship and financial resources to emerging Black creators in the early stages of their professional careers.

Source: Social Media Today

The launch of this accelerator program by Snapchat is part of the broader, ongoing efforts to ensure that content on our platform reflects the diversity of Snapchatters and their interests.