Let’s just all agree, that mothers are superwomen, aren’t they? Today, motherhood has become an important space in the content creation industry too. Roshni Bhatia popularly known as the ‘thechiquefactor‘ is a popular beauty, lifestyle, and wonderful mommy influencer, and she without a fail gives us a glimpse of her family life through her content.

Everyone knows that parenting is a challenging task and the mommy blogger is doing a phenomenal job by breaking it down for everyone else. The way she is balancing content creation along with motherhood is nothing but inspiring. Her content is super engaging and you will surely fall in love with her vibrant feed.

Roshni is a mom who has been documenting and sharing her motherhood journey in the most genuine and beautiful way possible. Everyone faces challenges in life but her will to fight back is uncommentable. Roshni Bhatia proves that no matter what challenges life throws at you, if you are determined, you can overcome all of them.

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Roshni Bhatia is a mom who does it all and flaunts it all on Instagram. She’s a fashion content creator, beauty blogger, luxurious lifestyle enthusiast, and an amazing full-time mom.

Her feed predominantly features her adorable son Arjun, who is nothing but an absolute bundle of joy. Roshni Bhatia had an inspiring life story of her moving out of an abusive marriage and creating a beautiful life for herself & her son. She spoke about how getting married at an early age to a non-supportive family set her up for failure.

 She is the definition of a mom boss! She inspired many by speaking out about a toxic relationship she ended after realizing her worth.

A lot of her content revolves around her daily life experiences and she still finds time to hang out with her favorite person in the world: her adorable son. She openly talks about her journey as a mom and also gives content creation a refreshing new perspective.

She makes it her mission to help women to give themselves a second chance and walk out of toxic marriage situations. She travels along with his son and collects amazing life experiences and shows other single parents that the world is not off-limits.

Rush to her Instagram page right now to load yourself with some amazing inspirational insights to gain through her experience.