Sidhant Sarfare (@sidhantsarfare) is a content creator, editor and an actor. Sidhant has been quite active on Instagram creating reels that will literally make roll on the floor while laughing. With a blend of both Marathi and Hindi, Sidhant is catering hilarious content in regional languages too. While we are on the subject of laughter let’s have a look at the best Instagram reels by Sidhant Sarfare (@sidhantsarfare) that will surely make you fall in love with him. Our top picks.

Shravan Is Here

Trend Virus

Maths Lecture Be Like

That One Khotarda Friend

Sarfare Vahini and Sonawane Vahini

That Jast Naay Friend

Leave Me Alone Please

If Dolo 650 Was A Person

You Know Whom To Tag 😖

Darvaja Band Kar

That Ulti Man

That Irritating Friend

Slowly Tilt Your Phone Trend

Waste Trend

Everyone To Me These Days

Honest Waiters Be Like

Clean Shave

People Who Have Long Usernames

Slow Motion Gone Wrong

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