Aishwarya Majmudar on 10th August, 2021 launched her new track Prem Rang Maniyaaro which is a blend of Bollywood music with Indie Folk, which in itself is truly one of a kind.

Source: IWMBuzz

About Aishwarya

Aishwarya Majmudar (born October 5th, 1993) is an Indian singer and musician. She is known for her prowess in more than 11 Genres in music, and singing in over 22 Languages. Aishwarya gained popularity after winning the 2007-2008 musical reality show STAR Voice of India – Chhote Ustad, furthermore she is also a recipient of the Prestigious Sangeet Ratna Awarded. Aishwarya has also won the award for Best Playback Singer Female for Gujarati Cinema 5 consecutive times. Owing to her Gujrati roots her loyal audiences fondly regard her as the Dandiya Princess.

Aishwarya’s new track Prem Rang Maniyaaro is a modern day love story with “the action of Romance, the intimacy of giggles, the dominance of faith over flounder, and the constant state of mind we call Celebration.”

A couple of days before the official release of the track she shared the poster and the first look of the song on her Instagram.

A day before the release she even released a small teaser for all her fans to see.

The song features Aishwarya Majmudar and Devarshi Shah. Both dressed as a newly wedded couple and as the strong progresses their love visibly deepens and grows stronger. The friends and family members too are a part of this “Nok-Jhonk” and in the majestic haveli where the song takes place one cannot help but absorb the beats soothing enough to convince anyone to shake a leg. 

The song is more than just a love story. Its spirit lies in imparting power that makes everyone come together to celebrate the essence of Freedom in Faith.

There are only seven notes in music but with those seven notes the song Prem Rang Maniyaaro has created a melody that is one in a billion. The full song is out now. In case you haven’t checked it out. Check out the full song below!


Full Video on YouTube