While millions demanded the cancellation of the year 2020 owing to how bad it was. We did see something good coming up too. Instagram introduced Instagram Reels which gave rise to scores of independent content creators. Within this creative content era, blessing our feed is Saurabh Ghadge (@saurabhghadge_vines).

Saurabh is one of the many creators who shot to fame during the lockdown period. Ghadge is known for his comic content on Instagram via Instagram Reels. He makes short sketches that are humorous enough to tickle your funny bone. Furthermore he is one man army playing several characters, the ‘moustache-dad‘, ‘dupatta-mom‘ and even a ‘girlfriend‘. Out of all the characters played by him, the dad one is a public and also his personal favourite. Ghadge who is in his early twenties has taken 5 years to reach where he is today. Funnily enough his leap to social media was due to a dare given to him by his friend. Little did we or Saurabh know then that this dare would turn out to be revolutionary!

Most of Saurabh’s videos are in Hindi but with a pinch of the local Bombay (Mumbai) lingo and typical Marathi slangs he manages to give his videos a local feel thereby honoring his Mumbai roots.

Ghadge’s comic brilliance has also been noticed by the IPL team Mumbai Indians too and time and again we see him feature on their page doing what he does best (you know what he does best!

Recently he was even a part of the FilterCopy video “Thoughts You Have While Studying” 

As we write this, Saurabh Ghadge is nearing the 500k follower mark on Instagram but we are sure that his amusing content is only going to rocket his numbers!