British-Nigerian rapper Little Simz’s 2019 track ‘Venom’ from her third studio album ‘Grey Area’ is viral on Instagram, and females can’t stop themselves from creating reels on it. Everyone feels so empowered by the rap that itself speaks for the strength behind the lyrics. Don’t tell me you don’t enjoy the badass words –

It’s a woman’s world so to speak
P**** you sour
Never giving credit where its due cos you don’t like p**** in power

You can listen to ‘Venom’ here:

‘Grey Area won the Best Album at both the Ivor Novello Awards and the NME Awards. It was also nominated for the Mercury Prize. On Instagram, the videos on ‘Venom’ ranged from creating looks of Venom from Marvel’s ‘Spiderman’ movie to actually integrating the villainous character, makeup, lip-syncing, and fashion. There are just so many varieties!

Now, let’s take a look at 20 Instagram reels on the bomb trending track ‘Venom’:

  1. Jissa Paul
  1. Tarini Shah
  1. Riya Govind
  1. Shaily Kumar
  1. Anusmita Dutta
  1. Niru Nair
  1. Hanna Sav
  1. Kajal Jadhav
  1. Sakshi Sindwani
  1. Laakshi Pathak
  1. Dolly Singh
  1. Khaleesiisaa
  1. Sakshi Grover
  1. Contourlicious
  1. Harshita Joshi
  1. Garima Biyani
  1. Kinjal
  1. Natasha Jane Wood
  1. Mannat Sandhu
  1. Tanya Joshi

After viewing these reels, you must have got so much inspiration, right? Such SFX art, makeup, and fashion videos were overwhelming. These women took so much effort to create them, and I must say that it was thoroughly entertaining. Looking forward to more such trends, so that you can enjoy and I can pen them down!