Cricket isn’t just a sport. It is an emotion. A game that can be played literally anywhere. All that one needs is a bat and a ball. Over the years we have been blessed with players who have entertained us and some of them have even established their own era by being a “Don” at the sport (Pun intended; If you know you know!).


While the world today is blessed with the modern coverage techniques, and we have highlights for perhaps every bowl bowled and even more! But things back then weren’t easy and we’d probably never see the great archives come alive if not for the YouTube channel robelinda2.  If you’ve ever looked for a cricket footage online you have definitely come across a YouTube channel robelinda2. Robelinda2 is the largest cricket archival channel in the world. The channel has been uploading footage regularly on YouTube for the past 11 years! And yet the owner hasn’t monetised it!

If there is a cricket match being played anywhere in the world. Robelinda2 has its footage. A cricketing thumbnail with a fiery video title and descriptions literally roast the hell out of everyone (hilariously of course). Let’s have a look at a few of those:

🤣 😆 “You say it best…..” Sanjay Manjrekar & Dean Jones


😂 Oops…..keep your pants on mate….🤣


🤯 How good was Sachin Tendulkar? *THIS* good…..#littlemaster

In case you were wondering who the person behind the channel is, his name is Rob Moody. The person who is in possession of the largest cricketing archives in the world. He does not feature much on his channel but here’s a video of Rob from 2017 during his visit to India.

If you want to know more about Rob. Hear him out in this interview by Wisden Cricket:

Or you can also tune into the 22 Yarns podcast Cricket Megafan with Rob Moody