Barkha Singh is a well-known face who has portrayed a variety of characters with whom we have fallen in love. But, doesn’t the lady who has always played a different character deserve to be identified and discussed? So, let’s talk about the transition from student to YouTuber, model, actor, and more… I promise it’s worth telling, or in this case, writing about.

Barkha Singh was a schoolgirl who had a passion for acting since she was a young. She began working for brands such as Cadbury, Amazon, Coca-Cola, and others when she was ten years old. You may also recognise her as Tina, Kareena Kapoor’s younger version in the film, Mujhse Dosti Karoge.

Barkha Singh
Source: News18

She graduated with honours in Mass Media from St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai after achieving academic brilliance in high school. She took marketing and business classes at the University of California, Berkeley. She has a sociology master’s degree.

She also started a YouTube channel, where she uploads content surrounding fashion, travel, and more videos about her. She quickly became a well-known figure. Her sense of style is incredible, and we adore her for it.

She also starred in the MTV show Girls on Top, in which she played Gia Sen and gained a large fan base in the industry and on social media. She also played minor roles in TV shows such as MTV Fanaah, Love by Chance, Bhagyalaxmi, and many others. Furthermore, her most recent digital YouTube series, Please Find Attached, in which she co-starred with Ayush Mehra as Sanya, was highly appreciated by the audience, with everyone falling in love with their characters’ personalities as well as the plotline.

She was also featured collaborating with Ankush Bahuguna on a ‘Wing It With Ankush’ series, and her makeup, enthusiasm, and everything else was on point. Barkha Singh is also your go-to person if you want to learn how to wear lenses like a pro. Ankush posted it on his @wingitwithankush page on Instagram which received more than a million views.

Another interesting characteristic about Barkha is that she acts on her impulses and devotes all of her energy to them, which has proven to be extremely successful for her thus far. We hope to see more of her incredible skill in the future. And, while I wait for my pen to write something new for you, why don’t you check out the above-mentioned and other Barkha-featuring series?