According to the Reddit blog, it is now attempting to capitalize on the growing popularity of video content by introducing a new, exclusive “Watch” feed in the app that will let users scroll through an endless stream of video postings.

A user will soon be able to peruse Reddit in either “Read” or “Watch” mode, with the former emphasizing text-based postings and the latter offering a continuous feed of vertical video material, as you can see in these images.

Reddit new feature

It’s noteworthy that Meta currently enables 140 billion Reels plays each day across Facebook and Instagram, with the format playing a major role in Meta’s recent increase in user engagement.

Actually, this isn’t all that different from the way Reddit already works; after watching a video in the app, you can swipe up to see other video posts. Perhaps a dedicated video feed will affect Reddit in a similar way, but regardless, it’s not a significant change and is probably worth trying.

Reddit is also working on a redesigned user interface (UI) that will be less crowded and more discovery-oriented.

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The ability to search within post comments

Reddit update

News feeds, including Read and Watch

Reddit pics

A decluttered user experience


Reddit’s also looking to update various other elements:

Coming soon, we’ll introduce our updated web platform to deliver fast and reliable experiences to everyone globally, new updates to our video player to enable redditors to easily engage in conversations while watching, chat enhancements, new storefront updates, and more.”

At this point, it’s difficult to predict the extent of those improvements, but it’s fascinating to notice Reddit’s primary areas of focus as it works to improve the app and increase engagement.

With better ad options and targeting tools, Reddit, which currently serves over 57 million daily users, is still seeking to optimize its financial prospects.