An Indian student’s elaborate plan to fake his father’s death for a chance to secure a US scholarship has now collapsed. What happened in this jaw-dropping saga? Read on to learn all about the fraud!

What Transpired

An Indian student named Aryan Anand, who is 19 years old, forged his application to Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. He did so by falsely claiming that his father had passed away. As a result, he is now facing deportation from the United States. Additionally, Anand is being accused of committing forgery and theft of services, as reported by Lehigh Valley News and ABC News.

Anand’s elaborate deception included forging transcripts, financial statements, and even creating a fake death certificate for his father. He detailed his fraudulent activities in a Reddit post titled “I have built my life and career on lies,” confessing that his entire application was deceiving to gain admission to an American college.

Indian student's fraud forgery deceive father's death confession on reddit

How Did He Get Caught?

“I haven’t told anyone how I got to the point where I am right now. It would destroy everything I have,” Anand wrote in his post, explaining at length how he manipulated the system. His forgery went a level further as he even created a fake email address to pose as his school principal. Moreover, he did not identify himself or the university in his post. A vigilant Reddit moderator noticed the post, conducted some research and uncovered that he was a student at Lehigh University.

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Internet Buzz

The Reddit post is flooded with netizens’ reactions. One user wrote, “Definitely a wrong thing to do but damm he got some balls of titanium bruh.” Another Redditor said, “Bro’s a full-scale criminal. And yeah, no shit it’s morally wrong. God knows what the consequences would be if this guy’s caught, but ain’t no way I’d do this if I were him. I’d be too paranoid

internet reaction fraud Indian student's deceiving neizens take created buzz

The Attorney’s Take

Northampton County Assistant District Attorney Michael Weinert explained, “The defendant only followed one other university, which was Lehigh University. So, the moderator actually reached out to Lehigh to give them a heads-up.

Final Verdict

Following the tip-off, Anand was arrested on April 30 and faced charges of deception, tampering with records, theft by deception, and theft of services. On June 12, 2024, he pleaded guilty to forgery.

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Lehigh University has since revoked Anand’s admission, expressing appreciation for the report to its ethics hotline and praising the thorough investigation conducted by the Lehigh University Police Department, which led to Anand’s arrest. What’s your take on Anand’s deed?