Instagram launched its second version, Instagram Lite in 2020. By March 2021, more than 170 countries had access to it. According to Facebook Newsroom, Michelle Lourie, Product Manager, “and her team in Tel Aviv developed Instagram Lite in collaboration with a New York–based team including Instagram engineering, product, design and research.”

To shed more light on it, Instagram’s @design shared “Why our team designed a second version of the Instagram app.”

As per Instagram’s @design, Instagram Lite provides “a lightweight IG experience on Android, uses the pioneering technology behind Facebook Lite.” This app is specifically built for people living in rural and remote communities, areas that are facing slow connection and expensive data. To sort their issue, Instagram Lite not only comes with less data but less space too!  

According to Facebook Newsroom, “What the team came up with is an app that requires only 2 MB to download on Android — considerably less than the full-size version, which was closer to 30 MB — but retains the key features that people using entry-level devices want.”

Source: Facebook Newsroom

With simple usage, the features of the app can be handled easily by new users too. Putting more focus on video and messaging tools, the design team worked to retain Instagram’s beauty as well as kept in mind the problems of poor connectivity and slower networks. Later, the dark mode was also made available for a more private experience.

Facebook Newsroom states, “To keep performance reliable, the team removed much of the ornate, data-rich animation, such as cube transitions and the AR filters people can apply to faces. However, they kept features that could deliver joy with less data, like GIFs and stickers. They also got rid of certain icons that do not make sense to new digital users. For instance, a trash can icon did not resonate as a symbol for getting rid of something, but an “X” rang clear.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

After updating the necessary features that the community needs, Instagram’s design team is now working on the Reels tool. Some places already have access to it, but Instagram is going to make it global soon. For more information about Instagram Lite, tap HERE!