Imagine finding a content creator who’s pretty, funny, and creative. Sounds fun, right? That’s it. Here’s Queen Simba for you. Her comedy clips are entertaining and of the type that would draw notice and glances, she presents the material.

Simba roars with her topical funny content like this one- where she is showing how UK residents are grieving while Indians make memes and eye their Kohinoor!

The creator is not only rising with funny content over Instagram but also has a YouTube account by the same name and she posts content over there that will keep you hanging to know more about her.

She does vlogs and other content too over her YouTube which is different than her Instagram page.

In her this video she has answered 73 questions; it’s a makeover like how VOGUE does its 73 questions with celebrities.

She has also posted YouTube shorts and they got pretty good views over time.

While her main content is funny, she also does skincare content sometimes and that’s the content where she effortlessly highlights her beauty.

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Here are some really cool reels by Simba that will get you thinking about how cool this girl is!

*hopes this is not true, but what if it is?*

Pickup line we didn’t know we needed!

You should definitely check out her account if amusing material on Instagram is what keeps you scrolling more and more.