Popular Instagrammer and the famous pilot couple, Tapesh Kumar and Prachi Goswami, also known as “Tapchi,”. The couples prove to be nothing but a treat to watch as they are just too cute to handle!

But wait a minute we are not just saying this because they’re cute; but because they are literally relationship goals.

The couples have set an example for how to treat one another with love and respect throughout the relationship. They demonstrate how to maintain one’s individuality while relying on your life partner and evolving with them.

So if you are ready to have a look at their adorable pictures get ready to fasten your seatbelts as we take you on a virtual tour below!

Train together, remain together!

Romantic Escape!

Apple to his PIE!

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About: Capt. Tapesh Kumar, persuading his love of flying, the creator of the YouTube channel – Boeing Boy, became the youngest captain at 25 and is currently in charge of an Airbus A320.

About: Capt. Prachi Goswami, a former national-level swimmer who began her aviation career in 2015 at Patiala Aviation Club, transitioned from flying a small C152 to a large jet like the Airbus A320.

The couple’s feed appears to be directly inspired by Pinterest!

They cover everything ranging from style, adventure, beauty, and a healthy lifestyle and we absolutely adore that.

They are the ones who motivate you to support one another through both the ups and the downs of life. They are a couple who demonstrate that love can be celebrated at any time. This couple certainly preaches the importance of being your partner’s best friend before becoming their lover.

We all secretly hoped for the couples tieing their knots or had preconceived notions about these well-known creators walking down the aisle soon.

And guess what? Bringing to you today a glimpse of the – THE BIG FAT PILOT WEDDING!

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