Social Media Day has been celebrated globally on June 30 every year since 2010. It was officially declared by Mashable, a worldwide entertainment, and multi-platform media business. From the launch of Sixdegrees, the first social media platform in 1997 founded by Andrew Weinreich to the current popular ones like YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. there have been vast changes in the world of social media. The day is revered by everyone in the world because of our love for social media. Social media is a boon that gives access to easy communication, games, information, jobs, food, shopping, and many other things. It’s still developing more and more, and we’re happily embracing it. 

Social media is a powerful medium that connects us all. Without waiting any further, let’s see the power of social media!

1. Education

Since the occurrence of the worldwide pandemic, the education system has totally shifted to the online medium. Through social media apps like Zoom and Google Meet, students are able to continue their studies without physically attending classes.  

Google Meet and Zoom
Source: Guiding Tech

2. Health & Emergency

People are supporting each other in these harsh times. You may have seen many of us coming forward in arranging oxygen cylinders, medicines, and hospital beds for the recovery of the patient. Everything is possible due to social media being the fastest way of connection. 

Source: Op-Med

3. Upliftment of Talents

With each passing day, social media is coming out with new features which are helping the netizens in showing their talent. Now, not only people from show biz are famous but talented creators, influencers, bloggers, podcasters, etc. are also getting the chance to showcase their skills with ease. People love and adore such gems who are brimming with talents.

Source: HireInfluence

4. Commercials & Advertisements

Through social media, brands and companies are advertising their products and even releasing commercials. Influencers are approached by the brands to promote them which in turn is helping them in gathering more customers. Sponsored ads on the newsfeed, mails, and carousels are some of the features which are useful in social advertising. Even the startup brands and small businesses, it’s easy for them to engage more on social media about their particular products. Also, don’t forget the trailer ads of upcoming films or songs! Even those are advertised heavily on various social media platforms.

Source: BuildFire

5. Music Engagement

The music industry is facing a brand new world with YouTube, Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, Amazon Prime Music, and so on. Netizens being addicted to these social media apps pay more attention to music there than on television. That’s the true fact. Most importantly, you don’t have to wait anymore for listening to music, just play it on your mobile using the mentioned apps! Another thing is, how much engagement we are providing is clearly counted on the platforms for all of us to see. It’s easy to determine which is currently trending or not.

Source: Bangzoogle

6. Watching Films & Series

Instead of going to movie theatres and cinema halls, we can easily watch a film at home with just a click. Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Netflix, etc. are some of the best social media apps where we can watch great films. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about missing episodes from your favourite television series. Just go watch it on Zee5, Voot, SonyLIV, and there are more!

Social Media Day
Source: Firstpost

7. Shopping & Home Delivery

Shopping is satisfying yet tiring. Isn’t that right? With Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Nykaa, etc. you can just chill and shop from home with a snap of your finger! You get every category of products from social media, be it fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and so on. You can buy groceries from social media apps like Grofers and Big Basket. Craving outside food or facing some emergency? Just switch to Zomato or Swiggy! There are a whole lot of options on social media other than the ones I’ve mentioned. The bonus point? You get home delivery! No more going to shop physically and waiting in line. It’s all in the comfort of home now. 

Social Media Day
Source: MosnterInsights

Did you just see the power of social media? These are just a few of them that I’ve mentioned. The uses of social media are enormous that we can’t even imagine. Sometimes, social media also provides a stage for victims to raise their voices. Criminals are also arrested through tracing social media. Our life revolves around it the whole day. Many campaigns for justice and empowerment start from social media. Social media is the revolutionary medium that everyone needs. We can’t be thankful enough that we have received such a powerful boon in our hands, and we need to utilise it wisely. Lastly, you can also celebrate your Social Media Day by having a day off from the buzzing online world. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming and it’s okay to take your time off it. Social media is for human evolution and not destruction.