Dilraj Singh Rawat who runs the youtube channel Mr. Indian Hacker made it big in the digital space by bringing to the world science experiments demonstrated in a fun and crazy way. Apart from science Dilraj has also expressed his love for the environment by launching an initiative to plant trees. Currently cruising at a subscriber count of more than 13 Million the “Titanium Army” (name given to the channel’s subscribers). Let’s have a look at the best of Mr. Indian Hacker. Our Top Pics:

Anar On Table Fan – Top Awesome Diwali Experiment

Fireworks are fun and Diwali time just excites us to do crazy experiments. Watch Dilraj putting fire flower pots on a table fan making it breathe fire! 

Running Bike On Water – 100% Working Trick

With fuel prices on the hike we could only wish that a water vehicle existed and lo! In comes Dilraj with his scientific genius, making a bike run on water.

We Made Real Remote Controlled Car – सपना सच हो गया 😎

Remote controlled cars are cool. But that wasn’t enough for our Mr. Indian Hacker and he took it to another level by making a life sized remote control car. That’s not cool but super cool! 

We Try Monster Balloon – Super Big Size Balloon Create

Balloons are small, light and fun. Most of us love bursting them or maybe sneaking behind someone and then bursting them to freak them out. But what would happen if we created a monster sized balloon and burst it. If you’re looking for an answer then watch the video below to see what happens! 

We Tried Coca – Cola Bottle Tyre In Our Car

Almost all of us have seen the mentos getting dropped in Coca-Cola videos and we know the result is fizzy. We also know that applying pressure on a coke bottle is only going to make a frizzy mess. Keeping everything into perspective, watch what happens when Coca-Cola bottles are used as tires. 

We Put Dry Ice In Cooler – कूलर बन गया AC

Coolers are the best to beat the heat and dry ice is the best to keep things cold. What if we used dry ice instead of water? Will the result be freezing cold? Or will it just won’t work? Watch the video below to find out!