Parenthood is a joyous time in one’s life, marking a milestone like no other. It is a transformative journey and the beginning of a remarkable chapter, where each day unfolds with new discoveries and emotions. Fitness influencer Pranit Shilimkar is the newest in town to discover this joy as he and Mihira Joshi, welcome their little bundle of joy, their son. What is even better is the timing. As Pranit and Mihira completed three years of togetherness, they welcomed their baby boy on the very same day!

Pranit Shilimkar and Mihira Joshi have a baby boy

The Joyous Post

On their third wedding anniversary, fitness influencer Pranit Shilimkar and his wife, Mihira Joshi, welcomed their first child, a baby boy. Sharing their joyous news on Instagram, Pranit captioned a heartwarming post with, “Happy 3rd anniversary to us.” The outpouring of love and congratulations from followers and friends made this announcement even more special for the couple.

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Fatherhood Excitement

In an interview, Pranit expressed his excitement about this new phase of life, stating, “Yes, we are welcoming a new member! I am not nervous but happy to be starting this new journey as a father.” He elaborated on the decision being a planned one and highlighted how significant life changes always motivate him further. Marrying Mihira was a driving force for him to work harder, and now, the impending fatherhood promises to bring a new level of motivation.

Pranit Shilimkar and Mihira Joshi give birth to baby boy

Pregnancy Revelation and Arrival

The couple shared news of their pregnancy in August, and the arrival of their baby boy on their third anniversary became an additional reason for celebration, adding an extra layer of happiness to their special day.

Pranit’s Journey

Pranit Shilimkar started as a choreographer and spinning instructor, which was fueled by his passion for dance. However, realising the need to make a more profound impact on people’s lives, he transitioned to become a personal trainer. He focuses on teaching proper form and technique. He is widely known for his fitness venture, Fitnesstalks, where he came up with a 37-day routine to fix dietary issues and lifestyle disorders, thereby empowering individuals to become stronger versions of themselves.

Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Pranit and Mihira tied the knot in a traditional Peshwai-style ceremony in 2020. Their third wedding anniversary coincided with the arrival of their baby boy, making it an unforgettable day filled with both, a celebration of their union and the start of a new chapter as parents.

Mihira Joshi and Pranit Shilimkar welcome baby boy

As Pranit Shilimkar and Mihira Joshi embrace parenthood, we extend our heartiest congratulations. Just like how their anniversary and the birth of their baby boy doubled the joy, we wish and pray that their entire lives are filled with double joy and excitement.