They say matches are made in heaven. Well, now they’ll say matches are made in Instagram comments. In what was a very organic and adorable incident, two strangers met each other in the comments section of a post. It all started when the matchmaking brand made a post which was an extension of the ‘Girl Math’ trend saying, “Wife math is wanting space after a fight, but also wanting a Jaddu ki jhappi <3

The meet-cute story unfolded when an Instagram user named Nishika commented on the post. “Agar usko ‘space’ ka importance pata hai toh meri taraf se haan hai,” she wrote. Meaning – If he understands the importance of space, it’s a yes from me. To this, another user named Shreyansh Pandey replied with a cute PJ. Nishika was impressed with the adorable humour and commented that it was indeed a cute reply.

Anupam Mittal internet couple instagram comments

What followed was Shreyansh’s funny response where he said that it was time to delete his account and tell his mother that he’s found her daughter-in-law. An X user Nakshatra noticed this innocent and sweet exchange of comments between the two Instagram users and posted it on the platform. She tagged the company asking them to check their comments section.

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Anupam Mittal Reacts

This ‘flirtatious’ interaction that evolved into marriage talks went viral on social media and ended up reaching Anupam Mittal, the founder and CEO of In a humorous exchange on the internet, Mittal joined the conversation by adding a touch of wit with a playful twist. Responding to Nakshatra’s post enquiring about this animated yet interesting discussion in’s Instagram comments, the Shark Tank investor humorously asked the company what was transpiring and jokingly questioned whether they were contemplating shutting down their platform.

Finding comments like these under their post is not just ironic but also negative for the matrimonial company’s market. But the businessman was a complete sport. Anupam showcased his genius mind by addressing the issue in a humorous manner which will not only make a good public image about healthy working conditions but also ring a bell in the ears of the company’s employees. The post has already amassed over 160 retweets and over two thousand likes, with users flooding the comment section with funny takes and gifs.

Anupam Mittal internet reaction took to X as well to share a sweet response to the founder and the viral screenshot of the conversation between the two strangers. “Dhanda toh badhte rahega, abhi baat aage badhate hai (the business will expand, but for now, let’s talk about this matter)” they wrote. also changed their bio to “Asli matchmaking toh humarein comment section mein ho rahi hai 👀❤️

One user asked Anupam Mittal to buy Instagram itself, taking a dig at him being an investor in over a whopping amount of 220 different companies. Another speculates if Nishika and Shreyansh are actually employees themselves.

The Aftermath

The Internet can be a beautiful place but it can also be overwhelming. After Nishika and Shreyansh’s cute interaction went viral, the two of them started receiving an insane amount of Direct Messages, comments, and tags to know if things went ahead between the two of them. It went a little out of hand and so the brand stepped in. wrote a heartwarming letter addressing the netizens and posted it on their social media.

While this adorable exchange of comments made them laugh and wonder what happened next, it also made them realise what the two individuals really need right now is ‘space’ – the thing that started this whole interaction. The matrimonial company further urged everyone on the internet to respect their privacy and not spam them while continuing to cheer for them.

They wrote, “So we don’t have an update for you, but after over 20 years of matchmaking we can tell you one thing: most relationships work out when you give them a little space. After all, ‘vo keyboard ka sabse bada button hai’.” That callback to Shreyansh’s comment tho! They signed off on the letter as’s Instagram. We love to see it.

You can find love or rather love can surprise you anywhere, especially when you’re not looking. And this random and adorable story is the best proof!