Paris is said to be one of the most popular cities in the world. While some know it as the city of love, some consider it to be the fashion capital. Nonetheless, the many names only reflect the many pieces of Paris that we have seen, heard and imagined over the years. However, one show that can be credited with reviving Paris’s charm more than ever is Netflix’s Emily in Paris. From the beautiful Parisian streets to the elegant Parisian lifestyle, Emily has indeed made Paris into an ultimate dream. There would hardly be anybody who does want to see Paris, the way Emily did. This however is no longer a far-fetched dream, all thanks to Dharma and its Paris by Emily.

Dharma offers Paris By Emily inspired by Emily in Paris


Dharma and Emily in Paris

The Paris by Emily tour package, created by Dharma under the license from Paramount Global, promises an adventure that immerses participants in the enchanting world of Emily Cooper

From exclusive visits to designer ateliers to a masterclass inspired by Emily’s French boss Sylvie Grateau, the itinerary is carefully curated to channel the spirit and style of the show. With this tour package, you can also taste some of the delicacies Emily Cooper savoured on and visit iconic monuments shown in the show. 

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To add to the already exciting deal, the guide of the tour will also give some inside information on Emily Cooper and others in the show. This behind-the-scenes banter will be one of a kind and you surely wouldn’t want to miss it.

The specifications

The Paris by Emily tour package caters to small groups of 8-16 people and offers the flexibility of shared or single room accommodations. The cost is set at $2,700 (approximately ₹2.2 lakh) per person for a shared room and $3,600 (approximately ₹2.9 lakh) for a single room, excluding flights and insurance. 

The trip number 2 which is scheduled from 6-8th November, 2023 is already sold out. There’s another trip number 1 option available which is scheduled for April, 2023. One can also book a Private group tour from the company based on their preferences. 

Dharma announces Paris By Emily inspired by Emily in Paris


The impact of shows 

OTT series and other forms of content are not merely passive sources of entertainment; they have the potential to significantly influence our perceptions and, in some cases, even our actions. Emily in Paris is a prime example of how a Netflix original series can shape our views about a particular place, culture, and lifestyle. The show’s portrayal of Paris as a glamorous and romantic city has undoubtedly inspired many viewers to dream of visiting the French capital and experiencing its charm, so much so that a travel company has come up with an exclusive tour package to cater to the audience of the show.