Aishwarya Mohanraj is a content creator who made her name in the world of comedy with her unique style and humour that captivated audiences. Her super relatable YouTube vlogs and Instagram reels are so entertaining, she’s bound to make you laugh out loud. Her repertoire extends to uncanny impersonations of celebrities and public figures, including Ananya Pandey. She injects a delightful dose of mimicry into her comedic routines which solidifies her status as a comedy sensation.

If you’ve been following her since a while, you would know what a fangirl she’s been of Aditya Roy Kapoor. Aishwarya got the opportunity to meet him and create content with him during his promotions for his movie “Om: The Battle Within.” She, Aditya and her husband Aakash Shah, recreated the the iconic mandap scene from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Aishwarya vlogged the whole experience and even posted a reel which went viral. Now, a year later, Ananya Pandey has been garnering eyeballs as she is rumoured to be dating Aditya.

The Viral Video

In the viral Aishwarya plays Kajol’s character Anjali, her husband Akash essays Salman Khan’s character Aman and Aditya Roy Kapur plays SRK’s character Rahul. The comedian shared the clip with a hilarious caption, “Toot-ta tara worked. Mere pati ki nayi movie release ho rahi hai – Om, on 1st July. Dekhne jaungi 1st day all shows.” Netflix India brought together the apparent two “Aditya Roy Kapoor lover girls” in the newest episode of their “Awkward Interviews” series on YouTube.

This series is hosted by an awkward Aishwarya, where she asks celebrities unique and uncomfortable questions. The latest episode featuring the two ladies dropped on October 27 as Ananya’s Dream Girl 2 released on the OTT platform. Aishwarya’s fans know how exciting this collaboration was given that she mimicked the actress and mock-married her rumoured beau.

ananya pandey aditya roy kapoor

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The Awkward Interview

In the interview, Aishwarya brought up that viral clip and Ananya was seen blushing when quizzed about it. It all began with Aishwarya asking the actress, “Who do you stalk on social media?” Replying to her, Ananya said, “My bio says private investigator because I am a huge stalker. I know everything about everyone.” This is when the YouTuber asked Ananya what she knows about her. The actress quipped, “That you got married recently, yes? And you love marrying actors during promotions.

Hinting at Ananya Panday and Aditya Roy Kapur’s rumoured relationship, Aishwarya Mohanraj, with a big smile on her face, asked, “Whom did I marry?” This left Ananya blushing. She kept a stuffed toy in front of her face, and said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Mohanraj tried to give fans more than one hint. Next, she asked Ananya Panday, “Did you like my marriage?” To which Ananya questioned, “Your real one?” Responding to her, Aishwarya asked if Ananya was aware of her first wedding. The Dream Girl 2 star was quick to say “No”. 

Ananya Panday then jokingly quizzed her about her mock-marriage with Aditya saying, “It didn’t work out?” Aishwarya responded, “Yeah he likes someone else. But it’s okay, I am good friends with her now.” The answer put a smile on Ananya’s face. Meanwhile, amidst increasing rumours, Ananya Panday and Aditya Roy Kapur were clicked together in a restaurant last night in Mumbai. They picked matching black outfits for the dinner date. 

This interview definitely made for a fun and entertaining watch for both Aishwarya and Ananya’s fans. Would the rumoured couple of Bollywood come forward with their relationship anytime soon? Well, only time will tell.