There are some places and some things in a city that can be as iconic as the city itself. It could be a monument or a famous eatery or even a taxi, that signifies the spirit of the city. The Kaali Peeli taxis are one such for Mumbai. Also known as Premier Padmini, these have been an inseparable part of the financial capital for six decades now. Like all good things, even the Kaali Peeli taxis as well as the double-decker buses, come to an end. Like many others on social media, Brands also bid goodbyes to Mumbai’s beloved mode of transportation in their own unique ways. 

Brands bid goodbye to Kaali Peeli


Kaali Peeli and Its Iconic Journey 

The journey of the Kaali Peeli taxis began in 1964 when the first model, the ‘Fiat-1100 Delight,‘ was introduced. It was a relatively compact option compared to other big taxis of that era, such as the Plymouth, Landmaster, Dodge, and the locally referred to ‘dukkar Fiat,’ the Fiat 1100.

In the 1970s, the model underwent a name change and was referred to as the Premier President. However, it was eventually christened “Premier Padmini” in honour of the renowned Indian queen Padmini, and this name remained until the production of these iconic vehicles ceased in 2001.

Brands Bid Farewell to Kaali Peeli


Why are Kaali Peeli Taxis Being Removed? 

The last Premier Padmini taxi was officially registered as a black-and-yellow cab at the Tardeo Regional Transport Office (RTO) on October 29, 2003. However, Mumbai’s taxi regulations dictate an age limit of 20 years for cabs. As a result, on October 30, 2023, Mumbai bid adieu to the iconic Premier Padmini taxis, which have been a part of the city’s landscape for decades.

A Farewell to an Icon 

The decision to retire the Kaali Peeli taxis marks the end of an era in Mumbai’s transportation landscape. It is a moment of nostalgia for those who have grown up with these iconic cabs and a significant loss for the city’s cultural heritage. Many brands also have come forward to express their feeling towards the decision.

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Amul India

In its signature style, Amul bid goodbye to the Kaali Peelis with a heartfelt “Cabbie Alvida Na Kehna” as the Amul Girl tightly hugs the Premier Padmini.

Brands such as Amul bid goodbye to Kaali Peeli


The OTT streaming service came forward to bid goodbye to the beloved taxis of Mumbai. With a play of words, it expressed its feelings in the post.

Radio City

The FM Radio Station also took to its official social media channel to bid farewell to Kaali Peeli. Vocalising the sentiments of many, Radio City stated how ‘the streets of Mumbai will never feel the same without Kaali Peeli.’

Uber India

The modern contemporary of the Kaali Peelis, Uber India also came forward to see off its “friend” with a beautiful picture of the Premier Padmini against the popular CST.

Anand Mahindra

Chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra also paid tribute to the dearest Kaali Peeli on Twitter, sharing an emotional note.

Not only big brands and prominent personalities, many netizens also felt extremely emotional about the departure of their favourite modes of transportation and shared the same on different social media platforms.

As these classic transportations fade into history, the city of Mumbai will undoubtedly remember the Premier Padmini taxis and the double decker buses with fondness and cherish the memories they created for generations.