Karwa Chauth is an important Hindu festival where a Wife fasts for the well-being and longevity of her Husband. As a part of the traditions, women dress up in their choicest outfits, apply Henna and participate in singing and dancing, after which they break their fast looking at the moon and their husbands. While most often women’s perspective is seen and heard on Karwa Chauth, so we decided to turn the tables and hear a Husband’s take on this. We spoke to creator Vikas Yadav, who recently got married to his lady love Lavanya, on his plans for the day. 

Karwa Chauth Interview with Vikas Yadav

Vikas Yadav apart from being the king of funny content is also the king of romance. Both Vikas and Lavanya create content with each other looking like pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together. Be it a funny reel or an honest observation about relationships, their affection for each other is always evident. Join us as content creator Vikas Yadav shares delightful responses about the beloved celebrations.

SN: You create a lot of content with your wife. Are you guys a dream team or a total mess when it comes to content creation?

Vikas: Every relationship is a combination of mess and perfection and so is Lavanya and mine when it comes to content creation. Most of the time she is my first reviewer for the script and I seek her feedback on almost all of them. Whenever we shoot, she allocates me limited time and I have to complete it within that duration. She helps me with the camera and lighting setup most days and so I would say she is very accommodating when it comes to content creation. 

Karwa Chauth special interview with Vikas Yadav

SN: We saw big jewellery brands in the recent Karwa Chauth video. So what did Lavanya finally get as a gift for the special day?

Vikas: I was reluctant to buy jewellery since we recently got married and we had already spent a lot on jewellery. However, when does any husband’s opinion matter when it comes to jewellery shopping? We ended up buying her two more necklaces for Karwa Chauth.

SN: Do you fast for your wife on Karwa Chauth?

Vikas: It would be our first Karwa Chauth so I haven’t decided yet. Maybe I will fast as well, to give her moral support.

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SN: Do you have any fun rituals that you follow for Karwa Chauth?

Vikas: This being our first Karwa Chauth, we are yet to build on the fun rituals. However, this time we did start one, one which she particularly insists, is buying her jewellery for the festival. Also, I fed her dinner when she applied mehendi on her hands, so I’m hoping to keep this up as a ritual definitely!

Vikas Yadav on Karwa Chauth

SN: What is that one thing you and Lavanya love doing together?

Vikas: We love travelling and dancing together. In the very initial days of our relationship, we took a trip to Goa and since then we have been to Ladakh, Dehradun-Mussoorie, Kashmir, New York & California. Wherever we go, we also try to shoot some fun dance videos.

SN: From all the videos you both have done together, which video did you guys have the most fun recording?

Vikas: We recently made a dance video while we were in Gulmarg, Kashmir. Lavanya suddenly came up with the idea of making a dance reel on a trending song. Despite my knee injury, we both were excited to try out the idea.  She started teaching me the dance steps and people were watching us;  it was kind of new for me to learn the dance steps in public. We made that reel in 10 -15 minutes and it received a good response as well. It is fun to try things outside of your domain at times.

Listening to all that Vikas Yadav has to say about Karwa Chauth and how he plans to celebrate it, we totally think these plans will be approved by Karwa Chauth celebration masters Karan Johar and YRF. We wish Vikas and Lavanya love and happiness forever, as they celebrate their first Karwa Chauth together. 

Wishing a Happy Karwa Chauth to all those celebrating!