Deepfake has come to be a big problem in our lives and the most recent to face its brunt is Bollywood sensation Nora Fatehi who took to her Instagram Stories to call out a brand for using deepfake images of her in one of their promotional ads on social media. The brand has remained silent in the face of these accusations, leaving fans and followers eagerly awaiting an explanation. However, with a new video on Instagram with Lola Kutty, the story has a plot twist, deepening the mystery.

Nora Fatehi is a victim of deepfake or may be not

The Deepfake Saga

Nora Fatehi’s Instagram Stories featured a side-by-side comparison of herself and the woman in the contentious promotional material. The deepfake image showcased a woman bearing a striking resemblance to the actor, donning an off-the-shoulder velvet dress and a stack of gold jewellery on her wrists. The video accompanying the ad further heightened the controversy, with the woman flawlessly imitating Nora’s voice and demeanour while promoting a 60% + 40% off end-of-season discount.

Brand’s Silence Raises Questions

Despite Nora Fatehi’s public disapproval and the evident use of a deepfake image, the brand has yet to officially address the controversy. The promotional material remains on the brand’s sites, adding a layer of mystery surrounding the brand, as all their posts have no comments.

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A Plot Twist?

In a surprising twist, it was revealed that Nora Fatehi orchestrated the deepfake controversy herself. She shared another collaboration video on her Instagram account, partnering with Vigil Aunty, also known as Anuradha Menon or Lola Kutty. The collaboration aimed to create awareness about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence and potential fraud.

What the Fraud Episode

In the latest episode of What the Fraud, Nora and Anuradha teamed up to demonstrate the process of creating a deepfake video/photo. They admitted to creating a fake brand named Lulumelons to showcase common ways to identify fraud, urging viewers to join the ‘vigil army’ to stay vigilant against potential scams.

The Impact and Awareness

Nora Fatehi’s initiative sheds light on the dangers of deepfake technology and serves as a call to action for viewers to be cautious in the age of advanced digital manipulation. The collaboration with Vigil Aunty adds a humorous yet informative touch to the serious issue of AI-driven fraud, encouraging people to stay informed and vigilant.