The world of social media is dominated by content creators today. They have revolutionised the way viewers consume content and interact with brands online. Businesses and brands now depend upon the impact of creators/influencers to reach their target markets. The fact that no event seems complete without their presence only goes to show the power they hold. From being social media stars to crossing newer career milestones, content creators have definitely come a long way.

From The Creator-Verse” is Social Nation‘s weekly round-up of everything that’s happening within the ‘Creator industry’.

Creators Reunite In Bangalore

It sure is shaadi season. Netflix’s Marketing Head Prashant Iyer tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Sadhvi Shetty in a beautiful and intimate ceremony in Bangalore. Digital personalities like Ayush Mehra, Yashaswini Dayama, Niharika NM, Rohan Shah, and Vedant Lamba reunited at their wedding to bless the couple.

from the creator-verse creator Ayush Mehra, Yashaswini Dayama, Niharika NM, Rohan Shah, Vedant Lamba

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Launch Ft. Creators

The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S24 series finally dropped this month. Apoorva (@the.rebel.kid), Ritvi Shah, Saloni Gaur, Arun Singh (@thejhumroo), RJ Abhinav, Manav Chhabra, Agasthya Shah, Govind Kaushal, Dharna Durga, Sukriti, Sakshi Keswani (@_beingsuku_) and more creators were spotted at the launch event in Delhi. They explored the many cool features of the marvellous new phone.

Rani KoHEnur Brings NamaSLAY Talkies

It’s finally time for Rani KoHEnur a.k.a. Sushant Divgikr to bring back their YouTube content! Rani is bringing her own talk show called NamaSLAY Talkies. And guess who the first guest is? Deepika Padukone!! A queen with a queen. Rani is definitely making some big moves. They also sang a song written by the legendary Javed Akhtar sahab. Composed by Mannan Shaah, Rani lent their voice to The Purple Fest Anthem Dhumal for Government of Goa’s new campaign which was convened by the Goa CMO.

The Konkan Collective Perform At The KGA Fest

This exceptionally talented Girls’ band The Konkan Collective performed at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival yesterday and they absolutely killed it. The group’s melodious voice had the whole audience grooving.

Manav Receives The Golden Play Button

Manav Chhabra finally makes it to the elite Golden Play Button club. He received the honour from YouTube on the day of Ayodhya’s Ram temple opening and counted it as a blessing.

The SoboGuys Are Orry No. 2 and 3

After Orry‘s iconic appearance on Koffee With Karan‘s Finale episode, where he revealed about his Relevance Room and minions, the internet sensation gave us a peek into his office world. Inspired by the horror series “Scream Queens“, Orry has recruited minions i.e. people who think and act like him.

The OG Orry is ofcourse the No.1 who is followed by SoboGuys Amaan and Armaan as Orry No. 2 and 4. Ananya Pandey was Orry No. 3 but he cancelled her because she got more relevant than him. The mother-daughter duo Azmina and Tasheen Rahimtoola are Orry No. 5 and 6.

Kanan Gill’s Debut Novel Is Out

Comedian Kanan Gill sure seems to be a master of all trades. Apart from stand-up specials and acting now, Kanan has launched his debut novel called “Acts Of God” which is published by HarperCollins.

“Channelling the craft of Neil Gaiman, the humour of Douglas Adams and the genius of Terry Pratchett, Kanan Gill weaves a story that will surprise you. It refuses to take itself seriously, yet raises the most serious of questions – what does it mean to be human?” reads the Google description.

Neel & Laksh Interview The CID Cast

One of the most iconic interviews – Neel and Laksh Maheshwari chat with the cast of CID. From Daya to Abhijeet to Salunkhe, they brought back so many memories about the long-running show and its characters.

Influencers Turn Speakers At RISE//DEL

India’s first multidisciplinary conference, Rise features everyone from entrepreneurs to musicians to successful creatives in various fields. Connect with over 50 industry heavyweights and experience conversations that bring you closer to your favourite artists from February 7th to 8th, 2024, in New Delhi.

From singers like Lucky Ali, KingAnuv Jain, Lisa Mishra, Ritviz, Yashraj Mukhate to creative minds such as Aman Gupta, Ghazal Alagh, Viraj Sheth, Raj Shamani, to influencers like Dolly Singh, Mallika Dua, Vishnu Kaushal, Yuvraj Dua, Neel, Shivesh Bhatia, Techno Gamerz, Gamer Fleet, among others.

Funcho Gang Chasing Stadium

The Funcho boys Dhruv and Shyam are in Capetown to witness Betway SA20, South Africa’s premier T20 cricket league, LIVE. Whether it’s an international or national sports event, Funcho is bound to attend it.

The Timeliners Drops A New Show

The Timeliners and have brought us a brand-new show called “Almost Together“. It features Aaron Kaul, Plabita Borthakur, and Vishal Vashishtha in the lead. We look forward to join Jai, Kriti, and Raghav in their journey of love, where every laugh, every whisper, and every unspoken bond echoes with heartfelt emotions.

Stay tuned to learn more about what’s happening within the creator-verse. See you next week!