Remember the good old 2000s when Channel V was our Instagram and the VJs were our Influencers? Well, if we have taken you down memory lane we might as well remind you of the OG Lola Kutty AKA Anu Menon who became an indispensable part of our lives and our entertainment. Many years later, the resurgence of Anu Menon’s beloved character has brought a wave of nostalgia for netizens who fondly remember the hysterical character. The recent Instagram reel featuring Lola Kutty has garnered widespread attention, with even Union Minister Smriti Irani joining the chorus of excitement.

Netizens applaud the comeback of Lola Kutty

Lola Kutty’s Instagram Revival

Anu Menon’s popular alter ego Lola Kutty, took to Instagram to revive the iconic character. Donning a flamboyant silk saree, gold jewellery, and a jasmine garland, she humorously voiced her exclusion from the Lollapalooza festival, one that has her name in it, creating a delightful moment for fans.

Social Media Buzz

Netizens, including Smriti Irani, expressed joy over Lola Kutty’s return, sharing the Instagram reel and reliving memories from the 2000s. The comical persona, known for her thick Malayalam accent and distinctive style, had been less visible in recent years, making this revival a heartwarming surprise for fans. Another fan replied “Oh how I’ve missed this legend! Welcome back, Ms Kutty.”

Netizens including Smriti Irani applaud the comeback of Lola Kutty

Lola Kutty’s Journey

Anu Menon’s journey to fame began when she joined Channel V in 2004 as Lola Kutty, a caricatured Keralite woman. Unlike other female VJs of the time who favoured Westernised attires, Lola Kutty embraced her Indian identity, standing out with her curly hair and iron-pressed silk sarees. The character became a refreshing presence, earning accolades and attracting a diverse audience, even making cameo appearances in movies.

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Controversies and Clarifications

Despite Lola Kutty’s popularity, the character faced criticism for perpetuating stereotypes, particularly the exaggerated Malayalam accent. Anu Menon clarified that the humour was directed solely at the fictional character and not intended to offend the Malayali community. Despite controversies, Lola Kutty remained beloved on Channel V and beyond.

The Instagram Reel’s Impact

The recent Instagram reel featuring Ms Kutty expressing her displeasure over missing Lollapalooza received widespread praise. As a result, the well-known music festival collaborated with Lola Kutty for a special discount called “LollaSquad” for all the fans. This reel clearly indicates the huge impact Ms Kutty has on the brands and Indian audiences.

The revival of Lola Kutty through Anu Menon’s Instagram reel has rekindled fond memories for fans of the iconic character. As netizens celebrate this unexpected return, it’s clear that the charcater continues to hold a special place in the hearts of those who enjoyed her comical antics during the Channel V days in the 2000s.