Today’s digital world is an age of content creation. With all the content that there is to watch. An armada behind it creates it for us. Typically, the majority of people behind content creation are youth and owing to the stereotypes it is naturally assumed that if we’re talking about content creation we’re talking about the youth. Fortunately, stereotypes don’t define the laws of creating content, it has always been open to everyone and is infinitely far from discrimination.

Mr. & Mrs. Verma (@mr._and_mrs._verma) are a couple who have understood the versatility and universal freedom of content creation. The couple has proved that age is just a number and are too cool for the age of 70s or even cooler than most of us!
As per the couple’s Instagram bio, they believe “age is not a barrier” and aim for “Slaying and Spreading smiles

Mr. and Mrs. Verma have blessed our feeds and their cutely made reels on latest trends only make our heart warmer.
In case you haven’t checked their profile out then click here.

To the power couple, thank you for all the love you shower through your content, the Social Nation family seeks your blessing and wishes for your healthy growth. Here’s to more slaying, spreading smiles and touching hearts!