Instagram will soon let its users receive 2 Factor Authentication (2 FA) codes via WhatsApp.


Renowned app developer Alessandro Paluzzi on his twitter shared images of what could be Instagram’s new addition for 2 Factor Authentication.

From the images it can be inferred that the feature will be available in the app settings where users will simply have to select WhatsApp under “How You Get Authentication Codes.” Currently the methods for 2 FA include:

  • Authentication app
  • Text messages
  • Backup Codes

Users can choose their preferred method for authentication. Paluzzi has also mentioned “users will NOT be forced to activate this setting, it will be completely optional.
With WhatsApp being added as a factor, Instagram will too become a part of the Facebook ecosystem. Considering that there already exists a login from Facebook option and the fact that WhatsApp too is owned by the same online giant.

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