The ever-popular Prajakta Koli a.k.a MostlySane is back with a new Instagram video, and this time it’s her magical rendition, ‘Sasti Cinderella’! With a modern twist to the old-age fairy tale of ‘Cinderella’, Amazon Prime Video’s trailer featuring Camila Cabello had already created a buzz over the internet but MostlySane’s insane version might just break that record! I’m not even kidding!

Can you imagine a fairy tale with no ball gowns, castles, chariots, horses, or in plain words, without any royalty? Well, Prajakta surely proved us wrong with ‘Sasti Cinderella’! That’s right! It’s a low-budget ‘Cinderella’ trailer in association with Amazon Prime Video India that doesn’t have a single spec of royal element! You will feel like the scenes are the same but not exactly the same!

Check out ‘Sasti Cinderella’ here:

I’m sure y’all are having the time of your life watching this trailer. Tbh, I think somewhere we all felt that royalty is overrated and as per the modern era, comfort is the new in! With comfy clothes, no bling-shiny colours, kitchen utensils, normal wall clock, car, and crazy antics from her team, the video is worth watching. It definitely screams normal and makes me feel like I’m a princess in my own way! Don’t y’all feel the same? The dumdum army must be so ecstatic with this mind-blowing trailer!

Also, Sudeep Lahiri’s role as the fairy Godmother was absolutely surprising! Who would have thought that the VP of One Digital Entertainment would act in such an impressive way? Well, his role definitely charmed us. Sorry, Prajakta but we think Sudeep is definitely a tough competitor for you. Haha!

If you still haven’t watched MostlySane’s ‘Sasti Cinderella’ then this is your sign to hurry up and view it now! Don’t miss out on a great low-budget ‘Cinderella’ rendition. Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Cinderella’ will be out on September 3, 2021. Till then, hold your excitement and go through Modern Age Amazon Prime Video’s Cinderella – Teaser Released.