What qualities should weekend watch possess? Everyone might have their own list. We’ll share ours with you- fun, romantic, suspense and DRAMA filled! There’s one more addition to it- Coffee! There’s a show for that. If you already haven’t guessed- it is the Mismatched 2!

Season one was a show that went superhit and now the same team is back with season two of it and we can’t keep calm seeing them promote it extensively. It’s all things fun, spice and interesting!

The promotions look so good that you might want to just join them. Here’s a snippet of it-

The cast is all excited and looks as excited as their first season. The show sees its main characters and others who build up the show to make it more interesting. Here is one of the photos posted by Ranvijay Singha during the promtion.

If this doesn’t make you happy, there’s a whole vlog by the very own Dimple from the show.

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Here are the reasons why you need to watch the show!

There are of course a lot of reasons to not miss the show, but here are the top five reasons from our side that we believe will make you watch the show and soothe in the art, beauty and fun of it.

The chemistry of Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf!

The unmatched music that will make you want to listen to it on a loop.

The FAMOUS COFFEE scene revamped!

This scene has won the hearts of the audience and Rishi his girlfriend! *winks*

Does the GAME interest you? Then this is one big reason for you!

Any gaming fan can watch this show as it created hype last season, we can definitely expect and better game scenes.

Season 2 of the show goes live tomorrow on Netflix and has eight episodes this season! Do check it out and tell us what you loved!