According to a recent discovery by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, who frequently notices impending features lurking in the back-end code of apps. According to Paluzzi’s most recent research, Instagram is currently creating a new function for Reels called “Achievements.”

As you can see in the tweet given below, a user Reels option may soon include a new “Achievements” section that would show different badges depending on how well your Reel performed, like the cool terms “Trendsetter” and “Creative Streak“.

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The idea seems to be an achievement, that would only be visible to the user, serving as a motivating factor to encourage users to post more Reels more frequently.

Instagram presumably believes that users want as many Reels as possible across the board in the app.

Instagram might be able to identify top creators through achievement badges and invite them to the program, which could encourage even more of them to post in the hopes of getting paid.

Are more people watching Reels on Instagram because they actually enjoy them, or is it just that the platform is showing you more Reels to entice clicks?

To be fair, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri claimed that users were already watching an increasing amount of videos on the app and that adding more Reels was just a way to capitalize on these trends.

Working towards its competition apps, Instagram is just really keen to make Reels happen again. This is just one more front in the larger battle for users’ attention between all the platforms.

Would Reels Achievements encourage more Reels to be posted? In fact, it most likely would.

However, Instagram will continue to push forward, and Achievements might be its next move in this direction.