Do you sit right? Or are you in pain? There is a person to solve your problems while you scroll your social media. Mike Bosh, is a certified postural alignment specialist. He is known as “postureguy” on TikTok, and has simple, effective tips for different posture pains.

He has his website by the name Posture Guy where people can contact him, book appointments, and buy stuff to get the right posture. He tells that pain in the lower back, and even sciatica is very common thanks to numerous causes that could contribute to these conditions. According to Bosh, these can include Sedentary behavior for long periods, Dysfunctional movement patterns, poor posture, and alignment issues. His content can help you understand the issue and how to solve it.

Instagram content

Mike does great work by helping people out solve their body issues which Instagram quite common in the current environment. His Instagram reels are easy to watch and learn how to solve the common posture problem.

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His content is not just all about him. Mike works with his sister and she’s often seen in the content. He tells how to get rid of the pain or solve the situation and his sister demonstrates it which makes it easier to understand.

Mike Bosh’s YouTube

Not only does he have a website and Instagram but he has also started a YouTube channel where he posts the same kind of content in form of videos and YouTube shorts.

Keep following Mike’s content to understand and solve the health issues as his content might come in handy at some urgent times. However, for serious posture problems, you should consult a doctor before it turns worse.

We hope Mike’s content keeps you healthy and sorted in this rushed life where you take any turn and twist in a hurry.