Arushi Patkey is the aberrant wanderer who explores India in a Unique manner. Arushi travels and narrates her story through a video/photo format on her social media platforms. Traveling solo for Arushi is also not just about going from one place to another, but also about creating awareness for the safety purposes of girls, conservation, eco-tourism, and building your own brand. Arushi is here to also create an awareness for gen-z who end up doubting themselves.

In the conversation for SN Spotlight, Arushi spoke to Social Nation, where she shared her experience about the idea behind her traveling alone and the challenges an individual faces and her content creation journey, challenges, social media skills, and more.

  1. How and when did you decide to take the plunge into content creation?

So to begin with answering the question, it initially started when I first saw Bethany mota creating amazing videos, she was a super youtube star back then and I considered her content super creative and engaging.

Coming to why I started my youtube journey was because I’ve always personally loved speaking in front of the camera so I thought vlogging can be a great way to just express myself in the camera and decided to get into content creation.

2. What kind of content do you enjoy creating the most?

The content that I enjoy creating the most is, sit down ‘get ready with me’ kind of videos, travel vlogs, and not to forget ASMR videos as well.

3. Being a traveler, are you inclined towards dance, and comedy as a genre to experiment with on social media? If yes or no, why?


I’ve done Bharatnatyam and in the process have even represented India internationally. So yes of course! I love dancing and also comedy is a genre that I’ve tried my hands on, I’ve tried all genres on my channel and I’m good with comedy when on camera but with scripting, I require a little help.

4. What are your objectives from social media and how do you plan to fulfill them?

The objective or the main reason why I decided to start this channel is that I wanted to inculcate the concept of self-love and self-confidence so that every guy or girl watching this channel gets inspired and I just want this digitally infused/techno generation that has lost the human touch can look up to my channel and spread positivity.

And how do I plan on fulfilling that? I’m planning to have a series of sit-down videos where I can talk about common topics with which my followers can resonate with themselves. And will create a separate playlist for that.

5. In today’s day and age, where validation has been of utmost importance, how significant it is for you for your journey as a creator?

I started this channel with the thought of inculcating self-love and self-confidence that in sort it is going to cut down people’s self-validation questions that a person has in his life.

And I really really want to do that for my followers.

6. How would you describe your content creation journey in a hashtag? Please elaborate.


I want people who watch my video to progress in a good way, in terms of taking a solo trip or removing negative self-doubting thoughts in short I want everyone to just ‘life mein aage badhe’ by watching my video hence, this hashtag.

7. What’s your advice to budding creators?

I have only one piece of advice don’t go behind the numbers or money, it comes automatically to you when you create quality content. Always remember there’s a creator in every house so do your best and build your content to reach the top.

8. What kind of improvements or regulations would you like to see in the current creator ecosystem when it comes to creating authentic content?

The algorithm keeps changing, currently, they keep pushing quantity over quality, as daily vlogs have become a thing now because of this people have lost the authenticity of their own creativity.

There should be idol space between creating content and a person should post monthly to rejoice in the creativity and quality.