According to Meta Newsroom, Meta has announced that all US users on Facebook and the majority of users on Instagram where users can now post their digital collectibles.

This feature is a specialized post format that provides more detail on each NFT piece, after first making its NFT display options available to a select group of users back in May.

Meta’s NFT display process also includes a hexagonal icon with a tick inside to show that the user has connected their NFT details in the app, as well as a ‘Digital Collectible‘ overlay indicator to indicate that it is an NFT.

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Users’ accounts will also receive a new tab once they’ve posted an NFT piece, which will make it simple to access and view all of their NFT works.

The first phase of Meta’s Facebook NFT display expansion was released in June, and it offers the same presentation features as its main app.

Additionally, more people will be able to flaunt their Web3 processor stupidity, depending on your point of view now.

NFT proponents, the majority of whom are fervent backers of the method, think that NFTs are the future of digital art trading, creating a plethora of new opportunities for creators to monetize their work.

NFT display tools | Meta

Laying the groundwork for the subsequent stage of digital identity, in which your chosen artworks will serve as a sort of representation of yourself.

NFTs, as a concept, therefore, have room to grow beyond images of pixelated punks. However, NFTs as they stand now, with profile picture (PFP) projects predominating, are probably not going to be a revolution in and of themselves.

But once more, no one is sure, and many NFT fans are just enamored with the art and the ability to support the creators of it. In this regard, NFTs are fantastic; however, other factors, such as scams, cash grabs, and brands capitalizing on trends, have clouded the waters in some ways.

Additionally, you could just use conventional methods to purchase art without the need for a cryptocurrency wallet. That’s less cool and might not give people the confidence in their digital ownership that NFTs do. On the Web3 and metaverse fronts, there is still a lot to be done, but it is still early.