Meta constantly strives to make its users’ experience better across its platforms. Instagram has now announced a few new updates to its Broadcast Channels option for creators. It’s a hit amongst fans and followers because these channels provide them with a private, one-way chat to know their favourite creators closely.

It’s a great way for creators to keep their audience informed of important updates. The ‘Broadcast Channel’ option is available to all creators with over 10K followers. So, if you are in that category, Channels provide a simple means to maintain a more direct connection with your biggest and most loyal fans. And now, you’ll have even more options at your disposal.

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The New Updates To Look Out For

Instagram is introducing new ways for creators to make their Broadcast Channels as unique as they are, to deepen engagement with their fans in a safe space. Take a look at these fresh updates:

1) First off, you can now run IG Live broadcasts for channel members only. This provides another incentive for people to sign up for your broadcast channel. Recognize your most loyal fans with shoutouts and exclusive access.

Meta Instagram new updates Broadcast Channel features IG LIVE exclusive members

2) Instagram is also adding custom themes for broadcast channels, wherein you can add any picture you want as the background for your chat. This is another way to keep the channel authentic to your ideas and tastes.

Meta Instagram new updates Broadcast Channel features exclusive members chat themes background wallpaper

3) Creators with a channel can also choose emojis that their community can and can’t react with, in the chat. You can hide emojis that don’t fit with your community or brand or deem offensive.

Meta Instagram new updates Broadcast Channel features exclusive members QR Code emojis

4) You can leverage IRL events to grow your channel by sharing a QR code that connects people back to your channel. This will further help you grow as a creator in numbers, catering to a wider audience.

What began in February 2023 as an experiment, turned into one of the successful features for Instagram. Broadcast Channels were introduced as a public one-to-many messaging tool that creators can invite all of their followers into and share text, video and photo updates. It has grown and evolved a lot since then, with newer additions now.

Broadcast Channels provide another way for creators to lean into the broader shift towards more private messaging which is where more Instagram users are now engaging. As opposed to posting to Stories or the main feed, Broadcast Channels give popular creators another way to stay relevant and be visible on the app to keep their fans engaged.