Marvel has once again ignited excitement within their fans by releasing not one but two official clips from their upcoming projects!
A few days back Marvel Studios released their “See You At The Movies” trailer showing the beginning of a new phase. Phase 4. To know more about what’s inside MCU Phase 4 click here. Ever since that video fans have been just waiting patiently for all that there is to come their way. 

In their latest update Marvel Studios released an official clip from their upcoming movie “Black Widow”. Black Widow which features Scarlett Johansson as our beloved Natasha Romanoff (Nat) is an exhilaratingly emotional wait for all of us. Natasha who sacrifices her life in Avengers: Endgame for a greater cause is something that still brings tears to our eyes every time we think about it. Being an absolute badass yet compassionate is a personality rarely found and we’re grateful to have found it in Natasha. The  movie is a prequel that is aimed to describe what made Natasha, Black Widow.

In their latest teaser, we see Nat and her sister in a chase sequence that is quiet but also not quite action packed with Marvel’s typical humorous anecdotes. 
You can watch it here:

In case you haven’t watched the trailer (which you should have by now), we’ve got you covered.
Black Widow Trailer:

Just when theories were about to emerge, Marvel dropped another bomb by releasing not one but two official clips from their upcoming TV series “Loki.”

Loki played by Tom Hiddleston will be Marvel’s third installment of expanding phase 3 into a television series (previous two being Wanda Vision and Falcon and The Winter Soldier). Loki, who is the God of mischief has been one of the most loved negative characters in the franchise. With witty dialogues and trickery, Loki has everything that makes our hearts swirl. His death in Avengers: Infinity War was indeed emotional but seeing him again in Avengers: Endgame had us hooting for him.


In the same movie we saw him escaping with the tesseract and that’s where we knew he was going to come back (thanks to the complications of time travel). In the latest two clips Loki is seen in what seems like a prison and time patrol headquarters interacting with Agent Mobius. Now words cannot do justice to what has been released so we’ll let you watch it and join us in the excitement.
“Introducing Agent Mobius” Clip:

“Miss Minutes” Clip:

“See You At The Movies” (and TV series of course)