Released in 2015 by David Leiberman and Sammy Rubin, Triller was originally a video editor but later on, it was turned into a social networking service allowing users to follow and view videos publicly. Currently, it has a vast list of music, challenges, and filters for you to choose and create your videos.  Triller’s slogan is “You Do You.” Do you want to know something interesting? Then check out Triller India’s bio which states – 

“Rhymes With Killer 🔪
Confused With Thriller 🧟
Cool Like Chiller 🥶
Stealing Your Dil Ya 💖
This Is Triller”

How cool is this? It definitely helps in making Triller India stand out from other accounts. 

Also, Triller has its own community, ‘Triller Student Icon’ which encourages youth to actively create dope and aesthetic content. Ultimately, this increases the engagement rate too.

Here’s the list of top 10 Triller creators across the globe according to Instagram reach:

1. Josh Richards

Joshua Kenneth Richards better known as Josh Richards, is a man of great talents and is just 19 years of age. Based in Canada, he’s a social media influencer, musician, actor, host, and entrepreneur. Thus, his reach on Instagram is 7.3 million, Triller is 2.8 million, Twitter is 2 million followers, and 2.43 million subscribers on YouTube. He’s the Chief Strategy Officer of Triller, and an Advisor at Unhide, Versus Game, and Fan Controlled Football. Also, he’s the founder of Cross Check Studios, Ani Energy, Sway House, and Dog for Dog. Not only that, but he also hosts BFFs with his best friend, Dave Portnoy

2. Anita Hassanandani

As an Indian actress, Anita has a large fanbase. She has worked in Hindi serials and is prominently known for her roles as Anjali in ‘Kkavyanjali’, Shagun in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ and Vishakha in ‘Naagin’. She has garnered 6 million followers on Instagram and 60 K followers on Triller.

3. Tayler Holder

“Texas boy” Tayler is a singer, creator, and actor. With 6.4 million followers on Instagram, 976.7 K followers on Triller, 1.5 million followers on Twitter, and 1.88 million subscribers on YouTube, he’s a famous social media personality.

4. Your Filmy Duo

Kasish Goswami and Mark Mecwan’s ‘jodi’ is popularly known as ‘yourfilmyduo’ across all social media handles. They share their passion for acting and music and make funny relatable content together. On Instagram and Triller, they have 11.2 K and 5.6 K followers respectively. 

5. Milana

She’s a member of Troope House on Triller, making lip-syncing, fashionable, and creative videos. She has 18.3 K followers on Instagram and 23 K followers on Triller

6. Deena Pinto

Fashion, lifestyle, and beauty are the genres of her content. With 58.3 K followers on Instagram and 2.2 K followers on Triller, she has a sky-high reach. You may know her as ‘skinnygirldiariez’.

7. Shirine x Kenzz

Belonging from France, Shirine and Kenza Siba creates trending dance videos. All across their social media handles, they refer to themselves as ‘shirinexkenzz’. Sometimes, they also make videos on Indian songs wearing Indian attire. They have a follower base of 17.1 K on Instagram and 15 K on Triller.

8. Arunaja

She identifies herself as cisgender and is known for her singing. She has been among the top three finalists on ‘The Stage 2’ by Colors Infinity. With her fame, she has 19.8 K followers on Instagram, 1.9 K followers on Triller, and 15.1 K subscribers on YouTube.

9. Lara Callon

Germany-based stylist and fashion designer, Lara creates content on fashion. She has 261 K followers on Instagram and 2.1 K on Triller.

10. Shakshi Shetty

Popularly known as ‘sharkshe’ she has accumulated 49.8 K followers on Instagram and 589 followers on Triller, and 79.8 K subscribers on YouTube. Her content is funny, trending, and makeup-based.

All these 10 creators have already jumped in the race to being a Triller creator. So, what are you waiting for? Rush already!